County Historical Marker Program

Porter Farm County Marker Dedicaton in Terrell

Porter Farm in Terrell has both Texas and Kaufman County historical markers.

The Kaufman County Historical Commission is the sole contact for making application for official Kaufman County Historical Markers. This program is separate from the Texas state historical marker program, and some sites–Porter Farm, for example–may post both markers. If you are aware of a place that may fit the criteria for selection*, contact the KCHC office, using the information on the Contact page.

Marker Definition:

Markers are educational in nature and reveal aspects of local history, important to a community or region. These markers honor topics such as church congregations, schools, communities, businesses, events and individuals. Markers are placed at the sites that have historical associations with the topics, but no legal restriction is placed on the use of the property or site, although the KCHC must be notified if the marker is ever to be relocated.

* Marker Criteria:

  • Age: Most topics marked must date back at least 50 years, although historic events may be marked after 30 years, and historic individuals may be marked or may be mentioned in marker text after they have been deceased 20 years. The KCHC may waive age requirement for topics of overwhelming county, state or national importance, although exceptions are rarely granted and the burden of proof for all claims and documentation is the responsibility of the narrative author.
  • Historical significance: A topic is considered to have historical significance if it had influence or impact on the course of history or cultural development. Age alone does not determine significance.