Membership & Committees

Members of the Kaufman County Historical Commission are appointed by the Kaufman County Commissioners Court every two years in odd-numbered years. Terms are for 2 years, but there is no limit on the number of terms. Commission members receive no salary; they volunteer their time for meetings and events.

If you think you’d like to serve on the Kaufman County Historical Commission, please use the form on the Contact page or call to tell us of your interest.

Precinct 1 Precinct 2 Precinct 3 Precinct 4

Mary Kate Benge-**

Johnny Countryman**

Stan Kapp

Judy McSpadden

Charlene Orr

Pat Raymond

Tamara Stahlman

Margaret Briggs

Jean Ann Ables-Flatt*

Dr. Horace P. Flatt*

Jamie Laywell**

Jeff Baska

Betty Brown*-**

Ralph Davis

Crissy Stephens-Meador

Elizabeth Grubbs*

George York

* Emeritus Member   **Officer

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE composed of all the officers and committee chairpersons shall assist the Chairman in the formation of policy, long-range planning and progress direction.  It shall act as nominating committee to fill the officers’ positions.

Chair – Mary Kate Benge
Vice-Chair – Betty Brown
Secretary – Jamie Laywell
Treasurer – Johnny Countryman
Poor Farm Chair – Jeff Baska
Historic Markers and Research Committee Chair – Pat Raymond
Historical Preservation Chair – Charlene Orr
Historical Appreciation Chair – Susan Roberts

FINANCE AND BUDGET COMMITTEE composed of the Commission’s four officers, shall determine what Commission expenditures will be for the year and prepare a budget.  The Committee may authorize routine expenditures not requiring the membership’s vote.

Chairman – Mary Kate Benge
Vice – Chair – Betty Brown
Secretary – Jamie Laywell
Treasurer – Johnny Countryman

“POOR FARM” MUSEUM COMMITTEE shall serve as the Directorate of the “Poor Farm: Living History Park and Museum and oversee the function of that entity for KCHC.

Chair- Jeff Baska
Johnny Countryman
Ralph Davis
Crissy Stephens-Meador
George York

HISTORICAL MARKERS AND RESEARCH COMMITTEE shall conduct research in the history of structures, places and people, nominating appropriate structures and sites for state historical markers.  This Committee shall also conduct periodic surveys of all official markers in Kaufman County.  This committee also handles the historic cemetery designations. (Currently they are working on the GPS cemetery project.)

Chair – Pat Raymond
Betty Brown
Horace Flatt
Elizabeth Grubbs
Judy McSpadden

HISTORICAL PRESERVATION COMMITTEE shall coordinate and encourage the work of all entities in Kaufman County engaged in the preservation of historic buildings and sites; of historic artifacts; of photographs, paintings, drawings, books, newspapers, written records and other documents, and of the spoken word.  This committee oversees KCHC’s involvement in Texas Archeology Month in October.

Chair – Charlene Orr
Jean Ann Ables-Flatt
Tamara Stahlman
Crissy Stephens-Meador

HISTORICAL APPRECIATION COMMITTEE shall publicize the Commission’s work through news media, books and articles for publication, speeches, slide programs, exhibits, tours and any other appropriate means, working with schools, civic organizations, chambers of commerce and municipal governments and others in the effort to evoke in our citizens an awareness of our historical, cultural and ethnic heritage.  This committee helps with the publication of the quarterly newsletter “Yesterday’s News” and works closely with the Historical Preservation Committee on the Texas Archeology Month celebration and Ghost Walk.

Chair – Stan Capp
Margaret Briggs
Jamie Laywell